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Healing Futures, Empowering Lives!!

Help us in our mission to heal the trauma of abuse to the children of Western Kansas and beyond!!

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Children in Kansas need your HELP!!

We are the Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center and our mission is to heal the trauma of abuse to children and adults through prevention, support, and services. Since our beginning in 2004 we have worked with over 6,275 children. Approximately 83% of cases involve sexual abuse, and over 60% of those children were 12 years or younger.

Our Four Core Services

  • Forensic Interviewing- Our caring interviewers let children tell their stories in a safe and child friendly environment.
  • Advocacy- Our advocates help children and guardians find resources and assistance unique to each child.
  • Therapy- Our therapists work with children to process their trauma and do the best to tailor each session in a way this is both impactful and meaningful.
  • SANE/Medical Exams- Our SANE Nurse assess the physical well being of the child as well as gather forensic evidence.

Our agency is able to serve the children of 34 Kansas counties with the help of our mobile units, 2 mobile CAC interview units, 3 therapy and 1 mobile medical. All services are also provided at no cost to the families. No call goes unanswered when it comes to the safety of children, but we need your help!!

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